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Apr. 27th, 2005 @ 09:03 am English Essay
I've only seen Gregory Smith once.

He was walking fast across the yard in a hurry.

He has long legs. Despite the hurry, he didn't seemed to be in panic. His steps were graceful, long but elegant. His whole demeanour looked fragile.

He hold his head low, shyness, out of place perhaps. Beautiful neck, pale, glowed in the sun.

His eyes are shy, but very intelligent. I can see he thinks, he's smart. He has gentle eyes, lots to give to others, lots to offer.

He looks young, but not naive, sensitive, but brave, not muscular, but still strong, fragile yes, but not afraid.

He seems a lot like me. I see myself in him, some parts similar.
Maybe I noticed him because of that.
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